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Restore Your Microbiome This Summer

By June 12, 2018August 17th, 2022No Comments

Interactive Health Clinic’s Dr. Brian Orr has a summer tip to help you restore your microbiome.

What is the microbiome?

The microbiome is the inner ecosystem of microbes that live inside you. As a matter of fact, scientists call the microbiome the “forgotten organ”, because of how important it is for your health and because they’ve only just noticed that it’s there. And scientists are still in the early phases of learning how it works.

What we do know is that the microbes that seem to benefit us most come from living soil and animals. And the best place to find both is at the farm.

So my health tip is to volunteer at a farm this summer. Get your hands in the dirt, eat the food that you pull out of the ground, and get back in touch with the wealth of microbes found in cowsheds, pigpens, and stables.

Restore your microbiome this summer!

Farm Volunteer Opportunities – Live and work on organic farms worldwide.

University of Washington Farm –  All are welcome to stop by and visit the Farm or volunteer during any of our Volunteer Hours but if you’ve never been to the UW Farm before, please begin by signing up to be a volunteer.

Alleycat Acres – Alleycat Acres currently supports four farms in Seattle and is completely volunteer driven.