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Hey, this is Dr. Brenden Cochran from Interactive Health Clinic here to give you some information about an intravenous nutrient infusion that you may or may not have heard of, which has some amazing benefits on your cell health. We’re going to be talking about phosphatidylcholine today. Also given abbreviation PTC, and there are several brand names out there as well, they’re all phosphatidylcholine. So, phosphatidylcholine, you can take it orally. We prefer because as an oral agent, it tends to thin your bile out, which is great. It tends to move your bowels, which is great, but depending on your flora, it may be good for you or may be harmful for you. Let me tell you a little bit more about that. So, if you take oral choline, phosphatidylcholine, some of you may have good micro flora, which break this down properly.

Some of you may have bad micro flora, which actually causes the liver to produce a harmful agent, which can inflame your blood vessels. And until we know that we don’t want to just gamble and have you take that, or we can do labs for that to figure that information out for IV phosphatidylcholine. We don’t have that problem because we’re giving this, this nutrient into your blood vessel and we’re totally avoiding your gut. So we don’t care about how good or how bad and your micro flora is. Why would we use IV phosphatidylcholine? Why would we not use it as a better question? What it does is yes, it helps with digestion and thinning bile. However, it does an amazing thing by making your cell membranes, the membrane that basically the mitochondria and the cell are in, it makes that membrane more fluidity. So, receptor sites work better and it’s more dynamic.

Therefore nutrients can get in there. And the cell is functioning a lot better when it talks to other cells or gets information from hormones. If we can improve that cell health, then everything else gets better. Whether it be your brain and you’re having problems with memory issues or tremors, or it could be also a cardiovascular concern, your blood vessels, right? Maybe there’s plaquing forming that you’re trying to get a handle of. And you’ve been told your cholesterol is high and you need to be on a statin drug. Well, one of the things with IV phosphatidylcholine is it can over time slowly repair the cells that line your blood vessels, and those plaques can actually start to soften and even possibly disappear, but more importantly, the vessel function improves. So, then you don’t have consequences like strokes and heart attacks.

The other thing it does phosphatidylcholine is it’s beneficial with liver issues or nerve issues because it’s helping support and rebuild the cell membrane or the, basically the outside of the cell, which is most important for regulating how it gets nutrients and how it functions overall. So another big one that we use commonly is when people have toxicities, whether it be environmental chemicals, toxicities, or it be mold toxicities, like mycotoxins. This is a great therapy for helping to clean up the body and repair those cells that have been damaged is using nutrient phosphatidylcholine.

Lots of different things that can be used for to learn more about our interactive health approach to personalize medicine. Give us a call at 425-361-7945 or visit our website at

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