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Vitamin B12 is common and essential in many biological reactions utilized in your body. There are a couple different forms of Vitamin B12. One is called cyanocobalamin. This is the oldest and most poorly utilized form since it requires multiple steps to become active and utilized in your body. Hydroxyl cobalamin is a very stable form. Methyl cobalamin is most active and best for neurological concerns. Vitamin B12 is helpful in improving energy and mental clarity. It is also important as a cofactor for eliminating histamine. Vitamin B12 improves your mood and helps your brain more active. It is important in sleep and pain. It can improve sleep quality and help reduce the severity of pain. We utilize active forms of Vitamin B12 in or IM Nutrient shots, IV Fast Track and IV Support proprietary formulas. To learn more about our Interactive Health approach to personalized medicine, give us a call at 425.361.7945 or visit our website at