I am excited to work with you to address your health needs and provide solutions to your obstacles.


I am dedicated to listening and hearing each individual’s needs. My passion is to create a space for health to occur. I do this by creating a partnership between doctor and patient. I encourage each of my patients to be proactive with their own health, and I strive to be more than just a doctor. I am a coach, a supporter, and a healer…and I am here to serve you. We may share both laughs and tears as we journey through your health challenges; but my goal is to guide your journey to find balance on all levels of healing.

When I entered middle school at the age of twelve I had a devastating setback, losing my father to melanoma skin cancer. Truly struck with sadness I searched my soul to find my inner healer. As I grew older I felt a true calling to help people. This calling first brought me to the University of Washington in pursuit of medical school, where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.

I then attended Bastyr University, in Kenmore, Washington, the leading naturopathic medical school in the world. I received my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the four year accredited Naturopathic Medical School with training focused in prevention and promotion of wellness in a primary care setting. Once graduating I founded Interactive Health Clinic PLLC., a family practice that integrates the roots of ancient medicine with the philosophies of modern medicine – with the goal of promoting health.

I practice in Lynnwood/Mill Creek, Washington where I strive to make my patients and community feel welcome. I treat more than symptoms, instead looking at indications of your state of health and using them as a guide to address the cause of your health issues. I am committed to identifying the root cause of your health issues and will work tirelessly with you until we do.

I am passionate about the career I have chosen, work with people of all ages, and treat both acute and chronic illness.

Warmly, Dr. Brenden Cochran ND, FAAO


Special Training:

  • General Practice Rotations with Paul Anderson, ND and Jeff Harris, ND
  • Fellowship/Directorship Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center
  • Advanced IV Therapy Certification
  • Oral and IV Chelation Certification
  • Advanced Training in Prolozone Therapy Dennis Harper DC
  • Injection Pain Management Training including Neural Therapy, Trigger Point, Neural Prolotherapy (Perineural Injection Therapy), Prolozone, Prolotherapy, PRP.
  • Master Level Training Neural Prolotherapy
  • Emergency Medicine Rotations EvergreenHealth
  • Certificate in Acute Prescribing in Homeopathy
  • Biotherapeutic Drainage training and rotations with Dickson Thom, DDs, ND
  • ACLS Certification
  • Ozone Therapy Training and Certification Course by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD
  • EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation training/certification Robert Rowen, MD
  • EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation) training/certification Angie Valdivieso
  • Evolve Medicine PRP Training
  • Lecturer at Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) (November 2018)
  • Lecturer at American Academy of Ozone Therapy Annual Meeting (May 2019 and May 2023)
  • Lecturer at American Academy of Environmental Medicine (October 2019 and October 2021)
  • Lecturer at International Pain Conference (November 2021 and November 2022)
  • Lecturer at Masters of Ozone (November 2019 and November 2021)
  • Lecturer at Frontiers in Ozone (November 2022)
  • Lecturer at California Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Lecturer at Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (2021)

Professional Affiliations:


Intravenous Micronutrient Therapies

Integrative Oncology Support and Treatments

Pain Relief


  • I am available to lecture on varieties of health topics.  Please contact us for more details or check our Events page for a list of upcoming classes and speaking engagements.
  • I provide phone and Skype consultations to individuals looking for health guidance. 


I served as research doctor of IV(intravenous therapy) at the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center (BIORC), Bastyr University’s cancer research center.

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