Prolotherapy is one of the oldest techniques we’ve used to help regenerate or heal tissues. What we use in prolotherapy, the working mechanism is dextrose or sugar in concentrations that are anywhere between 10%, sometimes up to even 30% as the main ingredient. See when we inject this sugar solution in stronger concentrations. What it does is it causes a mild inflammatory reaction. This mild inflammatory reaction stimulates basically a bunch of dormant cells. It’s, it’s almost like kicking the people that aren’t doing their job and saying, hey, we got a chronic injury. We need to do some work. We need to fix this. We’re not quite done yet. So prolotherapy does that trick. Now the thing is, if you’re looking at this as spectrum of the tool, it’s not quite as strong PRP or biologics like stem cell stuff. It can be used as a tool with ozone therapy and be quite helpful for people as well when it’s combined.

So, what does that mean? You’ll get a therapeutic response, but you may have to do the sessions several times. So most of our patients ask, well, how many sessions should I expect? Depending on the amount of tissue that’s damaged or the severity of damage. Depending on if you’ve had a history of steroid injections, which block your ability to heal. This could be on average between 6 and 12 treatment sessions. It may be less, the faster your body can heal or the younger you are, or it may be longer depending on the extent of the injury and how many steroid injections you’ve had. So it is extremely beneficial therapy to do, especially if you’re looking for an option that has an affordable option to get control of pain or laxity in the tissues before doing something more aggressive, like steroids or surgical intervention.

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