Regenerative Medicine and its Benefits for Health

How Regenerative Medicine Can Benefit Your Health

Regenerative medicine is a relatively new area of healthcare that can benefit patients in a variety of ways. Healthcare providers use regenerative medicine to replace or repair parts of the body that have been damages by illness, age, injuries, or other issues. At Interactive Health Clinic, we use cutting-edge techniques in a variety of areas. Read on to learn more.

Hair Restoration

We use non-surgical platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments to help people with hair loss achieve hair regrowth. We also offer allograft and/or exome treatments for patients who wish to upgrade. These treatments work by increasing blood flow to the follicle and hair thickness. In addition, it supports a longer hair growth phase and reduces hair loss. To achieve maximum benefit, we recommend a series of treatments over 6 month and then ongoing maintenance treatments ever 3 to 6 months. Best of all, there is no down time associated with PRP treatments, allowing you to manage your hair loss and get back to your life.

Medical Aesthetics

At Interactive Health Clinic, we offer SkinPen Microneedling and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments that can improve the appearance and condition of your skin. Because these treatments are physiologic to the body, they have a minimal risk of adverse reactions. Some of the areas that are ideal for Microneedling and PRP include the abdomen, décolletage, face, and neck. It works by creating micro-perforations that trigger the body’s natural wound healing process, releasing cytokines that create new collagen and elastin.

Men and Female Sexual Optimization

Sexual health is an essential part of a full, healthy life. Many people suffer with issues like erectile dysfunction and low sex drive at various points in their life. In many cases, people dealing with these kinds of issues are unsure about their cause and how to move forward. At Interactive Health Clinic, we offer various sexual optimization services, including hormone optimization, shock wave therapy, and PRP/Ozone shots.


We now offer peptide therapy that can improve your health, wellness, and quality of life. Peptides are amino acids that occur naturally in the human body. There are over 700 peptides in us, each with a different function. Peptides play a role in many different processed, including gene regulation, cell signalizing, and metabolism. Peptide therapy involves restoring peptides to stimulate new cell growth, and can involve injections, nasal sprays, creams, and even oral administration.

Colon Rejuvenation

Colon rejuvenation therapy is a safe way to improve your digestive health and immune system. It can be used to treat a variety of gastrointestinal conditions, including diarrhea, constipation, bowel overgrowth, IBS, Crohn’s disease, immune conditions, allergies, cardiovascular disease, and weight loss. We offer a number of therapies and will work closely with you to determine the right one for you.

Hormone Balancing

Many people suffer from hormone imbalances, which can lead to various physical and psychological issues. In fact, poor hormone balance can lead to issues are varied as depression anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, and infertility. Interactive Health Clinic offers comprehensive hormone balancing testing that allows us to create a treatment regimen that will work best for you and optimize your health. Our treatments involve hormone replacement, nutrients, herbal therapies, and more.

Compression Therapy

Most of the fluid in our body’s is called lymph. Lymph is where many of your immune cells are found and many waste products are collected from just normal daily living. Compression therapy assists with mobilizing the lymph back into circulation for more efficient functioning system and faster healing times.

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