Sexual health is an important part of everyones life at any age. We recognize that issues such as low sensitivity, erectile dysfunction and reduced libido can leave you confused and frustrated.

We offer a number of tools to provide a quick, easy natural non-invasive way to enhance your sexual performance.

Hormone Optimization

Natural and bioidentical hormones can enhance energy, mood, stamina and sexual performance.

Shock Wave

No Needles! No pills! Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy helps men with erectile dysfunction (ED). No need for Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, or Stendra. These pain-free shock waves stimulate your own healing response by increasing blood flood and generating growth factors to increase and improve blood vessels in the penile area. Some men also do this to improve erection quality.


This shot supplies and amazing amount of growth factors to stimulate regeneration of tissues and blood vessels which are crucial for a successful erection. This can be upgraded using biological allografts and/or exosomes. This provides improved firmness, sensation and quality of the erection.

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