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Our body is a holistic entity and our ability to integrate our body and allow it to achieve its optimum state of health is the goal of regenerative and functional medicine. When the body is disjointed, where one process is sluggish or overactive, the body is out of balance and is seeking restorative and regenerative measures. The body always strives to achieve balance and homeostasis. Viewing the body’s separate functions cannot ever be accurate, because each part and process influences the “others” leading to overall health, or overall decline. While we don’t need to strive for perfection, an awareness of body balancing can help us understand how we can heal more holistically.

The gut-brain is a bi-directional influence, meaning gut health affects the brain, and the brain affects the gut. A gut microbiome that is lacking in diverse microbes can affect mental functions and biological health. If the gut is imbalanced, it can affect the mood, clear thinking, and other behaviors.

The brain is in control of sending signals to the gut to initiate or control the appetite through hunger. It also impacts the quality of digestion of the foods we choose to eat. Choosing to eat healthier, and organic, foods whenever possible not only provides the body with a wider variety of nutrients but can also support the gut in overall absorption and nutrition. Eating when we are relaxed and undistracted can also help ease digestion. When we eat while taking a meeting, chatting on the phone, or scanning social media, we can swallow extra air that creates gas in our digestive tract, or see our stress levels spike as we eat, which impacts our ability to digest. Eating in a calm manner is one of the best ways to support the gut.

The gut and skin also have a strong connection. Skin problems related to gut health can include: acne, psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Some ways to support the skin and encourage gut healing include:

  • remove potential trigger foods; monitor sensitivities to dairy, gluten, alcohol, and foods high in histamines
  • Reduce intake of processed and packaged foods
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Avoid cooking oils that cause inflammation including canola, vegetable and sunflower oils
  • Practice relaxation techniques including meditation, breath work, walking, or other activities that allow the body to rest and digest
  • Improve quality of sleep by creating consistent sleep and wake times, avoiding screens for one hour before bed, and turning phone and other devices to airplane mode or completely off.

In more severe cases, colon rejuvenation therapy can expedite the process of healing and restoring the gut microbiome. Colon rejuvenation is a safe way to strengthen the immune system by bolstering and diversifying the flora in the gut. This colon therapies bypass the stomach and benefits are reaped directly by the colon. This can benefit various gastrointestinal conditions, autoimmune conditions, allergic and atopic conditions, neuropsychiatric, and metabolic conditions.

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To maintain a health and balanced gut microbiome, there is much we can do on a daily basis.But the addition of functional medicine solutions through colon flora rejuvenation can expedite the process of healing for various conditions. For further information or to schedule a consultation please contact Interactive Health Clinic at 425.361.7945 or visit to learn more.