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We use a comprehensive, patient-centric approach to whole-body health. Through root cause diagnosis and an industry-leading progressive care approach that integrates emerging science with conventional medicine, we provide personalized functional regenerative medicine.

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Your Health is Everything
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Our caring team of professionals is highly trained to ensure you receive the best care possible. We are your experts in IV and integrative medicine therapies.

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Our Services

Everything you need to benefit your health and that of your family.

From Regenerative Medicine, Integrative Cancer Care and Hormone Balancing, to Pain Solutions, Ozone Therapy and Vitamin Injection Bar, our doctors are trained to address all aspects of your complex health issues to determine a collaborative, results-based outcome.


Abundant Energy, Pain Free Activities,
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Our 10 Focus Areas

Everything you need to benefit your health
and that of your family.

IV Lounge
Bathe your cells with nutrients and hydrate your cells. Learn the best way to support optimal health with a simple and powerful way to give your body what it needs instantly.
Injection Bar
Minimal time or watching your budget and want similar effects of and IV? Learn how nutrient shots can be a convenient way of replacing a week worth of vitamins in one shot!
Maximize your outcomes before, during and after cancer treatments. Learn how our personalized process addresses symptoms, prevents, and treats side effects, and improves quality of life.
and Pain
Many chronic diseases and pain start with inflammation. Learn how to avoid pain medications and reduce inflammation.
Detox and
Our environment constantly exposes our body to plastics, heavy metals, mold, pesticides and many more toxicants. Learn how to minimize exposure and maximize your body’s ability to eliminate them.
Thyroid and
Hormones regulate energy, libido, mood, and metabolism. Learn the relationship hormones have on maximizing health and discover the best way optimize them through nutrients, herbs and/or bioidentical hormones.
Energy &
Optimize nutrients and avoid food irritants that reduce your energy and mental clarity. Learn to boost your nutritional needs based on your individual needs.
Gut &
The core regulator of the immune system is gut health. Learn to identify food triggers, environmental toxins and chronic infections that weaken the gut health, increase gut permeability, and increase gut inflammation.
Beautiful skin and hair don’t need to be treated with toxic chemicals or invasive procedures to get amazing results. Learn how to utilize nutrients, harness your growth factors from PRP, and use strategies to naturally slow aging.
Healthy aging can be done proactively so you can continue to thrive with the things you love to do. Learn how you can take steps to maximize your health, so you are prepared and conditioned for life’s journey.

Got Questions About
Our Services or Focus

We have got you covered. Our caring team of professionals is highly trained to ensure you receive the best care possible. We are your experts in IV and integrative medicine therapies.

More FAQs

What can I expect from my Naturopathic Doctor?

We listen to you, and explore the cause of your illness. We treat you as a person providing comfort and long lasting relief.

Is naturopathic medicine cost-effective?

Absolutely! We strive to resolve your illness and improve your overall health. The long-term goal is to reduce your overall medical spending. This allows you to enjoy life and be more productive.

Does Insurance cover services provided by Naturopathic Doctors?

Yes. Most insurance companies do cover our services. It is however very important to check with your insurance company as each plan is individualized.

What types of patients do Naturopathic Doctors see?

Everyone young to old! We traditionally see the chronically ill or people who are looking to maximize their health. Many patients also see us as their primary care provider. Visit our Conditions Treated page for some examples of the type of care naturopathic doctors provide.

Customer Testimonials

What our customers have to say about us

I've been seeing Dr. Cochran for about 7 years and he has literally changed my life. Interactive Health Care deserves 5 stars!

Sean Worthington

Dr. Cochran is simply the best, who is willing to listen to your personal complaints and complex history.

Liang Li

I’ve been working with Dr Orr for two years, and have been extremely pleased with his process and the excellent results of his care.

Susan Chamberlain

My wife and I both see Dr. Cochran. He is incredibly knowledgable, analytical, thorough, and takes the time to gather the whole picture when it comes to personal health.

Brett Paul

I have recently started working with Dr. Cochran, and have been so impressed. He comes to every appointment having read over all the materials I've uploaded to the portal.

Hanna Michele

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