Improve Mood, Energy, Sleep, Mental Clarity and Metabolism- $20 (Happy Hour $10, Double Dose for an additional $10)

Stress during Work, Travel, and Holidays. Specialized Nutrients – $45

The Perfect Support for Healthy Weight Loss – $30 (Happy Hour $25)

Reduce Inflammation and Calm Pain with this combo of B-vitamins, Magnesium and Homeopathics – $45

Burst of energy and help turn back the clock. Contains Regenalyn and Vitamin Mineral Cocktail Mixture – $50

Happy Hour Wednesday 1-2pm and Thursday 5-6!


Slim Down

Stimulate your body’s ability to burn fat and kickstart your metabolism with L-carnitine, MIC and Chromium.

Tune Up

Myer’s Cocktail Hydrate and energize with this classic cocktail of B vitamins and Vitamin C that will leave you feeling uplifted and renewed.


The perfect complement for an active lifestyle. Amino acids and B vitamins to enhance athletic performance and support muscle repair.


A well-rounded, energizing formula designed to slow the aging process.


This potent immune formula will help prevent infections and provides extra vitamins and minerals to support the body during stress.

Abundant Energy, Pain Free Activities, Increase Focus for Productivity.

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Cancer Support

We understand the overwhelm and misinformation surrounding cancer treatments. We are here to help support and navigate your treatment options, enhance your immune system, and improve quality of life.

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We focus on your individuality and struggles around weight. We address multiple factors inhibiting your optimal weight goals including thyroid hormone, sex hormones, adrenals, nutritional deficiencies, and food intolerances.

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We utilize natural therapies along with bioidentical hormones (biest and progesterone) and testosterone injections to customize a solution for your health goals.

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Chronic and acute pain interferes with your ability to walk, work, sleep and enjoy life.  We address multiple factors contributing to why you have pain including: infections, structural issues, injury, nerve inflammation, body inflammation and toxins.

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Educate Yourself about Stem Cells and Exosomes

We utilize biological allografts (Medicinal Signaling Cells) to activate your body’s dormant stem cells to become active. This allows for repair of damaged tissues and to turn back the clock on aging.

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Healthy Aging

Proactive medicine to keep you living and feeling young. We optimize your genetics, nutrition, hormones, use aesthetics and biological allografts (Medicinal Signaling Cells) to turn back so you are younger each year.

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Health starts with the gut. Optimization of gut flora, addressing dysbiosis and infections is crucial in mental, physical health and optimizing immune function.

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Complex Case

Curing the Incurable is what we do.  We focus on root cause resolutions by providing a comprehensive assessment and treatment of nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, digestive issues, chronic infections, heavy metals, mold toxins, and many more.

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