Dr Brenden Cochran, founder of Lynwood Washington’s Interactive Health Clinic shares some important information about ticks and lyme disease in this month’s video:

Hey, guys hope you’re having a great start to summer. I want you to be careful out there as the incident of tick bites and tick-related disease has increased drastically.

What to do if you get a tick bite

1.Get the tick tested

If you do get bit by any tick please save the tick and have it tested for diseases. An example of a company that tests ticks is called tickreport.com. They are great and will give you the necessary information needed for your risk. There are many other companies that do test ticks, this is only one or many.

tick bite on childs neck2. See a doctor who understands tick-related illness or Lyme disease

Along with testing is make sure you are working with a doctor who understands tick-related illness or Lyme disease. If they don’t recommend anything, please find a doctor who does.

Common Treatments for Tick Bites

Common treatments include antibiotics and/or a combination of antibiotics and natural remedies. In our office we use lots of Intravenous Vitamin C, Artesunate and Ozone for tick-related illness. These are key in modulating the immune system.
So stay safe out there. And call us to book an appointment!

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