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PERSONALIZED ReBody for couples

STYLE treatment

We look at your genetic profile and metabolism to tailor a weight loss program for you, i.e. presence of ‘fat gene’ or status of metabolism.

SHED pounds

Physician guided weight loss using craving control, intravenous support, Whole30 diet, vitamin injections, exercise and detoxification. Our goal is to help you lose fat, gain muscle; decrease inflammation and increase confidence.

SHINE together

With a partner, turn this program into a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle.

10-week program

• Genetic analysis
• Hormone metabolism analysis
• Complete blood analysis
• One hour long initial visit + four x 30 min visits for the couple • Weekly vitamin injections
• Weekly InBody and vital sign measurements
Customized intravenous infusions every four weeks Supplements tailored to your metabolism and genetic
• Detox package to supplement diet
• Weight loss package to supplement diet

We are currently accepting couples for our experimental group!

Contact Interactive Health Clinic if you have any questions.

(425) 361-7945

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