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Lead in Bone Broth – Should You Be Worried?

By September 1, 2017July 2nd, 2022No Comments

In this month’s video, Naturopathic Doctor Brenden Cochran talks about the risks of high levels of lead in bone broth.

Why is bone broth so popular?

A healthy GI tract is critical to a healthy immune system. One of the biggest trends in creating a healthy gut these days is consuming bone broth.

Is there a risk of lead contamination in bone broth diets?

The only concern is most bone broths, even organic bone broths, have high amounts of lead found in them.

We are hoping to see if analyzing a small local farmers bone broth will show the same high lead content versus some of the more popular commercial broths.

Alternatives to Bone Broth to Support Your Immune System

In the meantime, consider using vegetable broth and/or making your own fermented food dishes. These support a healthy GI tract which optimized your immune response.

doctor-brenden-cochran-cuIf you do happen to come down with, or feel the early symptoms of the cold, flu, or other illnesses this fall and winter we are here with many therapies to support you. These therapies include: ozone, IV therapy, silver, botanicals, and many more.

Book a consultation with Dr. Brenden Cochran to discuss how we can support immune health, or even give it a boost – whether it is yourself or a loved one.

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