How to Achieve That Sexy Summer Body

Summer is quickly approaching, which for many means getting to spend more time outdoors and catch some more vitamin D. One of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities you can do during the summer is go to the beach.  To hear the sound of the waves crashing and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face… it’s just the best.

While the beach may be really relaxing for you, for others, it may be a source of discomfort. Why? Maybe you don’t like how you look with a bathing suit on. You want to feel confident and attractive, but you’ve been struggling to lose some of that excess belly fat.

If you tried to lose weight as your New Year’s resolution and failed, I don’t want you to give up hope. You likely tried an approach that didn’t work for you because it wasn’t sustainable or simple. Weight loss isn’t just about counting calories and exercising more. If you want to permanently and sustainably lose belly fat, then you need to throw out the diet mentality and do something different.

Long Term Weight Loss to get that Sexy Summer Body  

Long term weight loss is most likely to occur if you address the following pillars: 

  1. Correcting hormonal imbalances such as high insulin and high leptin
  2. Lowering inflammation by removing food sensitivities and artificial ingredients, improving nutrient deficiencies and correcting your microbiome (bacteria in your digestive tract).
  3. Keeping blood sugar at an optimal level

Finding a Sustainable way to Lose Weight Long Term 

Unfortunately, many diets do not address all of these pillars, and may only focus on keeping your calories low without attention to the quality of food. Yes, you will lose weight on a calorie restricted diet, but how long can you continue to eat that way? The answer is not very long, which is why so many people who lose weight will regain it back. For example, one 6-year study on the biggest loser contestants showed that at the end of their 30-week program, there metabolism dropped significantly! Their bodies were burning 500 less calories at the end of the 30 weeks. The scary finding was 6 years later, they were still burning 500 calories LESS compared to before they started the biggest loser competition, and 93% of the contestants regained most of their weight back because of their slowed metabolism. Long term calorie cutting just doesn’t work for most people. 

Let me be clear here. If you are eating an excessive number of calories, this can prevent weight loss, so I am not giving you the green light to eat as much food as you want! Once we’re able to correct hormonal imbalances, reduce inflammation and optimize blood sugar, your body and brain will tell you when you’ve had enough food, thus preventing you from consuming excess calories. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be addressing these pillars of weight loss, so stay tuned for those!

If you’d like to find out how we can support your weight loss journey on a deeper and more personalized level, ask us about our ReBody Weight Loss Program to help you transform your body and your health!