Is Sunscreen Toxic?

Hey this is Dr. Brenden Cochran here at Interactive Health Clinic. Today I want to talk sunscreen.

I advise people to go out in the sun without sunscreen for 10-15 minutes to get a mild pink as this is needed to make vitamin D from sun exposure.  Then go back inside and apply your sunscreen to protect your skin  and heck out our blog on SPF to learn more about how to protect your skin from harmful rays.

We also know that you absorb sunscreen through your skin!

So why should you be concerned about sunscreen being toxicity?

Clinically we see toxicity commonly in our office not just from sunscreen but from many topical products.  We can test for this and determine your toxic burden!  And our first treatment is always avoidance of the product.  Then we have methods to detox you of these chemicals.  

Furthermore, this toxicity was confirmed in a study that concluded people who applied sunscreen would absorb the chemical in the cream or spray directly into their blood stream.  The chemical levels detected in the blood stream surpassed the acceptable safe levels of recommendations by the FDA.  These chemicals like oxybenzones are very toxic and can increase your risk of disease such as hormone disruption, cognitive decline, heart disease and cancer. 

What clean and toxic-free sunscreen should you use?

We always recommend our patient’s use clean products, like LimeLife Sun Care products, that we conveniently carry in the clinic, with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the main ingredient. It won’t go on with that unflattering white, pasty or sticky application. 

At Interactive Health Clinic we also provide high-quality after sun care to keep your skin and body healthy.  


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