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Today ‘diet’ is the trend to shed or prevent those extra pounds, but did you know that many of the additives in diet products actually cause the body to crave more calories?

These man-made chemicals that taste sweet are in fact not recognized by the body as sugar – but instead as other compounds that the body is not as familiar with. Two of these compounds are Aspartame® and Splenda®. Both of these compounds have a track record of causing a list of side effects such as fatigue, headaches, mental fog, seizures, arthritis, etc. The list goes on.

Ironically, since the body actually ends up craving more calories, typically this means that people will eat more of something they like, and this means weight gain.

Are Diet Sodas Causing Obesity?

So are ‘diet’ products actually contributing to obesity in society? It is very possible. Next time you think you need something sweet, think a smaller portion of your favorite sweet rather than a diet product.

Eat the sweet without guilt – it will taste better, you will feel better and you will eat less overall.

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