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Detox water. What is it?

Drink filtered water. You can flavor it with cucumber, lemon, lime etc.

Water is truly a detoxifying agent.

Water needs to be filtered as most water has chlorine, fluoride, PVC, and other chemicals in it. We want you to have the purest and cleanest source going in you daily.


Hydration – How to Measure It

We can measure how well you are doing with your hydration using a body impedance machine. Hydration is crucial so you can get the toxins out of your cells and tissues and carry the vitamins, mineral and nutrients to your cells.

Everyday you lose water in your sweat, bowels, urine and breath.

Hydration is important for mental clarity, fatigue and performance. If you are 5% dehydrated you will notice a 25% reduction in energy.

Hydration – General Guideline

Proper hydration is half your body weight in ounce per day. This is a general guideline and this may increase if you are consuming alcohol, coffee, cannabis/marijuana or exercising.

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