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Lets stay safe out there this summer. Lynnwood Naturopathic Doctor Brenden Cochran has some tips about sunscreen use:

Vitamin D and Sun Exposure

Remember to get sun exposure for 10-20 minutes without sunscreen on first. Don’t burn but you may get a light pink coloring. This is crucial for vitamin D production.

Choosing a Safe Sunscreen

After this apply non-toxic sunscreens with ingredients with zinc oxide. The FDA recently showed that many chemicals in popular sunscreens are well above the safety limits in the blood after applications.

Many of these popular sunscreen chemicals can contribute to many disease processes such as cancer, cognitive decline, heart disease, and hormonal imbalances.

If you are interested and want more info give our office a call and see one of our physicians. We look forward to continuing to provide proactive medicine the regenerates and rejuvenates your body.


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