It’s summertime and your actively level is up.

And you’ve been doing repetitive motions that your body is not used to.

Or perhaps you pushed yourself harder than usual.

Injuries are common and they are often treated inappropriately with over-the-counter pain medications (NSAIDs), icing, Physical Therapy or (cortisone) steroid injections. While these strategies can provide temporary pain relief, they shut down healing and can lead to chronic injuries.  

What causes muscle injuries?

The short answer is: poor muscle conditioning, ligament laxity, lack of nutrients and poor nerve firing patterns. 

By targeting and improving these areas, we can get people active again quickly.  

What should you do at home to ease the pain of an injury?

Alternate heat and cold.

We recommend 3 minutes heat and 30 seconds of cold alternated at least 3 times 1-2 times per day. 

Supplements to take to speed injury healing

We also see improvement in our patients when they take collagen, 200c homeopathic arnica  and proteolytic enzymes such as a product called Wobenzyme when it’s taken hours away from food.

What to eat to speed healing:

Yes, eating nutrient dense meals is best. 

However, only a limited amount nutrients taken orally through food or supplementation are absorbed past the gut and reach the injured tissues. And even if we can assume your gut health is 100%,  most of the time the blood flow to injured tissues is inadequate providing a greater challenge for proper healing. 

Bathing your injured cells with IV Nutrients through the bloodstream.

So, we find the best solution for this is to bathe the cells with nutrients by administering them directly into the blood stream. 

We do this with IV Nutrient Therapy.  It can take up to 6-12 infusions to get the nutrient levels we need to speed up the healing process. The difference we see clinically is healing in weeks to months versus months to years.

How Perineural Injection Therapy is used to treat pain from an injury

Painful nerve inflammation is often caused by repetitive injuries.  Using a technique called Perineural Injection Therapy we can target the inflamed nerved to provide instant pain relief, provide the nerves the necessary nutrients they need to function optimally and decrease inflammation at the nerves.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy)

Encouraging proper blood, lymphatic, and electrical function to the tissues is also super important to heal the area.  We find using PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy) is the best way to improves these areas.  While most have not heard of this therapy it has a lot of research in healing damaged tissues and is best known in the horse racing industry for recovery from injury.  

Stabilizing your joints to avoid future injury 

Laxity of the joint is most often caused by overly stretched or weak ligaments and tendons. In addition to injury, weakness can be caused by poor posture, poor muscle conditioning, or related to taking NSAIDs or having prior (cortisone) steroid shot.

Stabilizing the lax tissues around your joints is key. You may notice that you have less injury during the times in your life when you are most fit. Among other functions, muscles provide stability to tissues around the joints. When they are not conditioned, they cannot provide enough strength to keep that joint stable.

There are a number of ways to stabilize your joints, one very popular one is Physical Therapy. And don’t get me wrong, Physical Therapy is a great treatment, but the timing of this treatment is most important, especially for those who are already experiencing a considerable amount of pain. Physical Therapy can increase the pain when done too early in treatment and patients sometimes give up on their treatment. Instead we have some alternate treatments to try prior to Physical Therapy:

The top tools we utilize for stabilizing joints to relieve pain include Prolotherapy, Ozone Therapy and/or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.  They stimulate a mild inflammation which triggers your inactive repair cells to become active and repair or remodel the tissue.  

If you or you know someone who could benefit from this procedure, please let them know about this therapy that we offer.  

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