First, make sure you are properly hydrated.

Did you know that hydration is key in immune performance? Keeping your blood, lymphatics and cells properly hydrated allows for key nutrients and white blood cells to move through the tissues quicker. When you are dehydrated your mucous membranes tend to be dry, so it is less likely your immune system will capture or encounter pathogens early. In fact, studies have concluded that dehydration leads to immune suppression!

Second, make sure to optimize key nutrients. Key players in your immune strength are:

  • Vitamin C: which supports white blood cell function and activation

  • Zinc: which plays key roles in white blood cell activation and viral inactivation

  • Vitamin D: which regulates immune function and enhances your key defense systems

  • Vitamin E: as a key antioxidant

  • Vitamin A: for proper mucous membrane and cellular immune function

  • Taurine: which allows your electrolytes to be balanced inside and outside the cell

  • Active methylated B-Vitamins: are necessary to support key biochemical reactions

  • Glutathione: punches the largest antioxidant function for your body so you can handle the oxidative stress of exercise, sun exposure, chemical exposure and balance a healthy immune response.

Third is a healthy functioning gut. 

There is more to this than just taking a probiotic; as your gut is unique and may require more specifics than the general probiotic. Most people also forget about the importance of prebiotics. Prebiotics are the key to feeding your healthy microbiome.

This is an area where most people suffer with issues due to stress, medications, processed foods, and the chemicals we put in our body’s often inflame the gut walls and destroy the microbiome. A weak gut means poor absorption of nutrients, water, and severe reduction in immune performance.  In fact, 80% of our immune systems is in the gut and it controls if the immune system under or over-performs. Over-performing can often lead to an auto-immune disease. A recent study found that the gut microbiome was key to understanding severity and dysfunctional response to Covid-19. ( 

Optimizing these three areas is essential to proactive immune health. Some of the tools we use to speed this process are ozone, IV Nutrient Infusions, and IV Nutrient Shots, as they are fast and effective strategies to prepare your body for any immunological challenge it may meet.   

At Interactive Health Clinic we have custom and proprietary formulas that our very own world-renowned expert and educator in Intravenous Therapy has created.

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