Last month we talked about the importance of hydration and some key tools to keep up with the heat. Now let’s talk about keeping your muscles strong.

The best way to absorb electrolytes

THIS DOES NOT mean drink those sugar sports drinks. Key electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace minerals are essential for proper muscle firing, stamina and contraction strength. While most people get these key nutrients from a whole foods diet, if you have poor absorption, high stress, or a large electrolyte demand (read: exercise intensely) you need straight cellular nutrition through IV or Nutrient Shots for the best possible outcomes.

Which nutrients are best for building muscle strength:

  • Vitamin C which supports collagen, WBC function and activation

  • Taurine which allows your electrolytes to be balance inside and outside the cell

  • Arginine which improves blood flow to tissues and support immune activation

  • Carnitine which is important in fatty acid utilization (especially if you follow ketogenic) and muscle repair. 

  • Mixed amino acids such as Branched Chain Amino acids are also critical in building muscle mass and recovery.  

  • B-Vitamins are important for cofactors of energy production, detoxification, stamina, and recovery.  

  • Finally last but certainly not least is Glutathione. Glutathione punches the largest antioxidant function for your body so you can handle the oxidative stress of exercise, sun exposure, chemical exposure and balance a healthy immune response.  

These core nutrients are all things we pack into our proprietary IV Athlete formulations which are used for a fast and effective strategy to prep your body for the ideal performance and also for optimal recovery.  

So if you find yourself struggling with increasing your workout intensity, or you feel it takes days to recover, it may actually be your cells that need a nutritional charge. Strongly consider getting a refreshing IV or Nutrient Shot to see if that solve the problem.

At Interactive Health Clinic we have custom and proprietary IV and IM vitamin formulas that our very own world-renowned expert and educator in Intravenous Therapy has created.

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