Neural Therapy is an amazing and effective holistic healing modality used widely by German and South American physicians to treat the underlying cause of pain and other illnesses. Neural Therapy has been applied successfully for several decades, and works on the Autonomic Nervous System, or ANS (the part of your nervous system that allows you to relax and digest), to bring a state of balance in the body for deeper healing to occur.

Through life we have disturbances that create chronic foci or interference fields that are usually silent and asymptomatic. However, these foci can create problematic symptoms elsewhere in the body.

For example, one can have tonsillitis as a child, and even have the tonsils removed, yet still have a tonsil foci as an adult. The tonsils and throat are no longer a problem; yet years later, fatigue, memory loss, headaches and depression can occur. These brain symptoms are called the “disturbed field”, secondary to the tonsil foci.

Another example is a person who has a scar on their leg and years later experiences shoulder pain. The scar is the primary foci and the symptoms are perceived in the shoulder. The shoulder pain can go on for years, and treating the shoulder does nothing… until the primary foci in the leg is treated.

How does Neural Therapy work?

Neural Therapy involves injections of local anesthetics such as Procaine, Vitamin B12, or homeopathic remedies into nerve sites, acupuncture points, scars and other tissues.

Procaine is used to stabilize this primary foci or interference field by recharging the area and stabilizing the cell membrane’s electrical potential so the “error” in the autonomic nervous system is temporarily corrected. Each repetition of treatments improves the ability for the body to recharge and maintain the necessary potential. The number of treatments is determined by how depleted a person is.