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What is Cellular Drainage?

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Biotherapeutic Drainage

Biotherapeutic Drainage is a philosophy of treatment that has been used in Europe for over 100 years. This modality combines many aspects of lifestyle elements, homeopathic remedies, UNDA numbered remedies, plant-based remedies and nutrients to support the body in its normal physiological processes of elimination.

As we go through life the body becomes less efficient at removing toxicity generated from both internal and external sources. The toxins come from many sources, such as our environment (air, water, and pollution), food (pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial colors), chronic stress (hormones, free radicals), medication, and poor lifestyle choices (alcohol, cigarettes, processed foods). The accumulation of these compounds can cause a vast array of symptoms of disease such as fatigue, high blood pressure, cholesterol, hormonal imbalances including PMS, hot flashes, thyroid disorder, etc.

Typical treatments will temporarily “fix” the situation of these symptoms, but as the underlying cause is not addressed, illness will return on a deeper level. The goal of treatment with biotherapeutic drainage is always to get the body to react, self-regulate, and return to normal, healthy physiologic functioning.

A helpful analogy for treatment with biotherapeutic drainage is the following: when you repair a hole in the wall you first want to clean the wall, patch the wall and then paint the wall. If you paint the wall without the prep work then the job won’t last and will soon need even more work. The same is true for the body.

Impurities must be removed first so lasting health can be achieved.

UNDA Number Remedies

UNDA number remedies are commonly used in Biotherapeutic drainage to enhance the body’s normal physiological processes. The UNDA numbers are low potency combinations of plant and metal remedies in a liquid solution. Each plant has an affinity for an organ system causing a specific action in the body while the metal has an energetic role that catalyzes the reaction.

The UNDA remedies were created by a Swiss physician in the early 1900’s. The formulation of these remedies is very specific in nature. The ingredients have a synergistic action with each other to make a complete remedy. Taking each ingredient (or remedy) on its own will have a very different reaction in the body than taking the formulated UNDA remedy.

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