Seasonal foods are fruits and vegetables that are locally grown throughout different times of the year. The benefits obtained with seasonal foods are seen in many different ways:

First, because these fruits and vegetables are grown locally, they are fresh and not stored for extended periods of time, reducing the need for chemical gasses to prevent spoilage. Buying seasonal foods also supports local farmers and reduces environmental damage caused by shipping.

Additionally, buying seasonal foods provides an exciting opportunity to try new foods and experiment with new recipes – and even better, this expanded diversity of foods increases vitamins and minerals obtained in the diet. Most patients that we and our mentors have seen who have lived to their 90’s report one of their secrets to long, healthy lives is a variety of many fruits and vegetables every day.

Local farms such as Full Circle Farms and NASH farms have programs which allow people to receive a variety box of local seasonal foods every week that can be delivered or picked up at designated locations.