Are you living with a mental illness? Do you find it hard to express yourself with your
friends and family? This month I want to highlight a nationwide organization and some
resources available to you.

Mental Health Month was started over 67 years ago by the nonprofit organization
Mental Health America (MHA). One goal of MHA is to highlight what it really feels like to
live with a mental illness or know someone who is. I want to let people know that they
have created a social media campaign using #MentalIllnessFeelsLike to raise
awareness, build support, and speak up early about life with a mental illness. According
to MHA, research shows that many people live with a mental illness for over 10 years
before seeking help. This call to action is focused on addressing mental health early,
which may allow patients to recover more quickly, and live healthier and more
productive lives.

You can see what other people are saying about mental illness here.

Free tips/tools are available as well:

Improve your mental health

What can I do at home to improve mental health?

Top 3 things you can do to improve mental health:

1. Speak up and raise awareness about mental health- #mentalillnessfeelslike

MHM 2016 Social Media Images-FB Profile

2. Look at this calendar for small changes and simple things you can focus on, one day at a time.

  • Get daily exercise
  • Find reasons to smile

Mental Health Calendar


3. Get Support- Be aware of self help resources and seek help sooner than later.


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