As more people are getting back into gardening this time of year, it’s important to recognize that certain gardening activities, like pulling weeds, can be straining on the body. The back, shoulders, and knees are common injury-prone areas.

Top 5 garden centers in the Lynnwood WA area

  • Flower World: one of the largest retail nurseries on the West Coast in the rural town of Maltby in beautiful Snohomish County.

  • Magnolia Garden Center: a small nursery, that carries a large variety of plants for all areas of your garden. This includes your indoor green spaces, colorful annuals you can change out each season, large plants suited to the Pacific Northwest climate, to specialty plants like Citrus Trees.

  • Northwest Landscape Supply: landscape and gardening needs, including topsoil, compost, bark/mulch, sand, garden supplies, and more.

  • PotteryLand: a retail & wholesale vendor of outdoor and indoor planters, fountains, and yard art for your garden, lawns, and home.

  • Garden Solutions: designing and creating beautiful hand-made micro buildings from start to finish to help you enhance and enjoy your outdoor space. They offer a large variety of exterior and interior options for customers to choose from.

 Minimize gardening injuries with these 3 tips

  • Start slow.

    Tackle a small area of the garden and see how you get on in a shorter amount of time. From there, gradually increase the area of the garden.

  • Stay hydrated.

    If you plan to be out in the garden for a longer period of time, and in the sun, keep these things in mind: Avoid gardening between peak hours of 11AM and 3PM as the sun is the strongest. If you are out in the garden during these hours, try staying in the shade. Wear light-coloured and breathable clothing. Wear a broadband sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 on all exposed skin.

  • Overexertion.

    Doing one task for a long period of time, can cause strain to the body. Be sure to use garden tools properly, and be cautious of bending or moving your body more than it can handle.

  • BONUS: Try regenerative treatments.

    Pain is also caused by many factors. It interferes with your ability to garden, walk, work, sleep or enjoy life. One of our physicians can determine which treatment will work best with your pain or injury.

Stay prepared with our regenerative treatments ahead of the gardening season. Schedule an appointment by calling (425) 361-7945.