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Interactive Health Clinic’s Dr. Paul Miszczyszyn, ND (Lynnwood WA) talks about how to cut cravings and lose weight in this month’s video.

1. Track Your Meals

Start building skills about what you are eating. Building these skills is important for long term success.

Food knowledge is foundational to life long change, and will lead to sustainable results.

Diet tracker apps, like My-fitness-pal, are great tools to become more aware of what you are eating. These tools help you see what areas of your diet you can improve on, while building knowledge about the foods you are eating.

2. Eat Whole Foods

A cornerstone of healthy eating is following a whole foods diet.

Work towards eliminating processed food from your diet, as these have added sugars, salt, and chemicals which can lead to poor metabolic function.

3. Body composition

Body composition testing shows us total muscle mass, fat percentage, hydration status, and more. These are better indicators of change compared to total body weight.

Focusing on total body weight can be misleading, and often does not reflect your progress. Often people see a lower total body weight and are pleased, but if you are not testing body composition, you can miss cases where fat mass actually went up and muscle mass went down. This change puts you at an increased health risk.

The goal is to maintain or increase muscle mass, which will lead to improved metabolic function.

4. Testing

Get your labs checked by your doctor.

If you have been working towards weight loss, but have had little success, there could be a biomedical reason for this. Your doctor can screen for conditions which might be hindering your efforts. Visit our Testing page for more information about the kinds of tests we can do.

Treating these conditions is an important step in helping you reach your goals.

If you are located near Lynnwood Washington,  we would love to meet with you to create a customized path to a healthier you. Contact us today to book an appointment.