Survive the summer heat – especially heat domes – with one of our refreshing and rejuvenating Intravenous Nutrient bags.

Most people think of Intravenous Nutrients and Nutrient Shots as things you only get in a hospital or when you are sick.

IV Nutrient bags are great proactive treatments to hydrate and provide nutrients directly to your cells! 

Nutrient shots and Intravenous Nutrients offer a fast and effective solution to boost your physical performance during the most active time of the year when you need it most.

Sports, hiking and just the heat deprives your body of hydration and necessary nutrients needed to keep you performing mentally and physically at your best.

How do IV Nutrients and Nutrient Shots work?

We can deliver hydration and concentrated nutrients into your blood stream allowing for fast cellular hydration and nutrition which is critical for energy and optimal muscle function increasing supplementation by up to 75% to your cells compared to oral supplementation. 

We also know that some people hydrate well while others struggle to consume the necessary water intake or drink water but simply feel like they urinate it out without getting adequate hydration to the cells.

At Interactive Health Clinic we have custom and proprietary formulas that our very own world-renowned expert and educator in Intravenous Therapy has created. 

We have several options for you during the active months including our highlighted Energize, Athletic Perform and Recover Nutrient Injections and our Energize IV, Athletic Starter IV and Athletic Recover IV.  These formulations delivery the best mixture of B-Vitamins, Arginine, Carnitine for performance and Taurine, Magnesium, Traumeel for recovery.  Call our clinic to find out which one would be best for you and to book your appointment.

  • Arginine is essential for optimizing blood flow and growth hormone.

  • Carnitine is essential for muscle building, recovery, and fat utilization.

  • Magnesium, Taurine, and other electrolytes are needed for optimal reaction time and preventing cramping or soreness. 

  • Traumeel is a great homeopathic for calming inflammation and discomfort from injuries or exertion. 

With some of these formulas we do ask you for to provide updated labs, some formulations you can easily be scheduled for during the week or sometimes the same day.  

We even have gift cards ready for that special someone including birthday’s, celebration or pre or post wedding hydration.  

Give us a call to book your IV treatment 425.361.7945. Don’t forget, we have Happy Hour every Tuesday and Thursday 3-6 pm, appointment required.