As cold and flu season begins to ramp up towards the end of Fall, it is a great time to utilize our IV Lounge Menu

Compare the benefits of an IV Boost vs oral supplements:

  • Oral nutrients are not fully absorbed when passing through our stomachs. 
  • IV boosts deliver 100% of the nutrients to your bloodstream where they are transported to cells in need.
  • Oral supplements are helpful when consistently taken over time as they gradually nourish our bodies. 
  • IV boosts can act as a jumpstart to restoring nutrition faster.
  • It can take time to feel the benefit of supplements.
  • IV boosts have an immediate effect, with a rapid change to symptoms.

How to set up your IV boost appointment: 

  1. Pick an IV from our IV Lounge Menu.
  2. Call the Interactive Health Clinic front desk, (425) 361-7945 and ask to schedule an “IV Fast Track” or “IV Support” appointment.
    1.  If you are a current patient, there is no additional paperwork. 
    2. If you are new or have not been seen for a while, you will need to fill out an intake form, as directed by our front desk. 

What to expect from during your visit to our IV Lounge:

  • After checking in, medical staff will take your vital signs 
  • The IV is given while you relax in a plush reclining chair 
  • IVs take either 20-30 minutes for IV Fast Track or 1-2 hrs for IV Support. 
    • We encourage you to nap, read a book, or enjoy the nature documentaries we play in the lounge.

Contact Interactive Health Clinic if you have any questions.

(425) 361-7945