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We, at Interactive Health Clinic, are making your health our top priority.

At this time, patients not requiring immediate face-to-face encounters will be shifted to phone or video consults. We still do recommend verifying your Telehealth benefits to ensure you will be covered. If issues arise, please reach out to our staff so that we can further assist in this matter. We are here to advocate for you.

Currently everyone entering the clinic will be pre-screened to verify that there will be no risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Staff have been instructed to disinfect all areas of the clinic between each patient to ensure that the environment is safe. This includes door handles, pens, countertops, chairs, pin pads, faucet handles, etc. Keeping your immune system boosted is the best way to protect against COVID-19.

Our health care providers are dedicated to working with you, whether it be in person, video, or by phone.

Pre-screening for Your Safety

All patients coming into the clinic for appointments or to pick up supplements will be called prior to coming in to ensure you have had no risk of having been exposed to COVID-19, as well as making sure you pose no risk to other patients and or staff.

We ask that anyone who has had a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, body aches, runny nose, or sore throat in the last 14 days stays home. Our providers can have phone consults with you to go over ways to boost your immune system, fight off illness, and prevent you from becoming ill.

During the screening process we will also ask patients about their recent travels to make sure patients have not been in large crowds or events.

How You Can Help Us

Upon your arrival to the clinic, please wash your hands immediately. We also ask that you put on a face mask if you have a slight cough. Make sure to cover your face with a tissue or your elbow when sneezing or coughing to prevent germs from spreading. Also make sure to not touch your face, as it could become a breeding ground for germs.

If your appointment is non-urgent, we ask that you stay home

We’re Suited Up for Covid-19

During your visits to the clinic, you will notice all staff wearing masks and gloves. This is our way of making sure not only you are protected, but we as staff are doing our part to keep the environment we breathe in free of illness.

We Are Here for You

Please take this opportunity to contact the clinic and schedule an appointment to receive information of how to keep your immune system working its best, and possibly lessen your chance of contracting the virus or other illnesses. Prioritizing your health is the best thing you can do right now. This includes preventative measures to avoid or lessen symptoms, as well as adjust medications and other possible factors that may decrease your risk of contracting COVID-19.

If you come down with the virus – or any other illness – we are here to support you via Telehealth visits.

Let’s work to keep you out of the hospital –which are already overloaded! We are here for you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, videos and tips.

For more information, or to book a Telehealth or clinic appointment, please call 425-361-7945, or email and Sue or Ashley will be happy to assist.