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Biofeedback is a gentle therapy that helps you bring awareness to how mental/emotional stressors in your everyday life can influence the physiological processes within your body. We live in a stress-filled society and common everyday occurrences that did not bother us a few decades ago now completely stress us out (driving, shopping, working).

How does Biofeedback Therapy work?

We can help decrease the influence of stressors by teaching you breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and sometimes through the help of biofeedback. Biofeedback medical hardware allows us to monitor your breathing, heart rate, temperature, sweating, and muscle tension in the office and gives you the ability to see your body’s response when you are either relaxed or in a stressful situation.

The purpose of biofeedback is to help you develop skills to help you relax during situations that would have otherwise stressed you out. At the same time it is so much more than the use of a machine to train you to relax. It is a powerful way of assisting you to learn more about yourself so you can be your own agent of healing.

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