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Dr Brenden Cochran talks about stem cells in this month’s video, where he explains that he uses stem cells as a tool for anti-aging among other uses. He warns that it is not a one-time miracle cure. Instead, it should be part of a broader package of treatment.

Stem Cells are a buzzword that is very confusing.

Most things currently out on the market are not truly stem cells whether it comes from bone marrow, fat or embryonic tissues. Currently, most are being marketed as injecting cells that will divide into new tissues. This is simply NOT true. A better terminology is biological allografts. Meaning tissues which are rich in stimulating material. To be exact the goal is injecting these biological allografts to stimulate your body’s own dormant stem cells to be active. The more this is done the more we turn back the clock on aging.

What Type of Stem Cells are Best?

Now the other argument is bone and fat is the best. This is also not true. Imagine you are taking tissues that are less mitotically active. One stem cell at birth is capable of making 1 billion stem cells in 30 days. At age 25 that rate has decreased to 32,000 cells each and at age 65 we are reproducing cells at a rate of 200 every 30 days. Couple that fact with our own health issues and suddenly you are relying on your own sick, toxic cells that are in a state of rapid decline and you can begin to grasp why Cord Tissue Stem Cells hold the greatest regenerative ability.

Stem Cell Rejection Risk

What about the risk of rejection? A mother that carries a child is not adversely affected during pregnancy by the cells that lie within the cord which is a bridge between the mother and child where the exchange of nourishment as well oxygen and blood occurs. These earliest of all cells have not acquired any of the genetic markers that would initiate the body’s immune system to begin the rejection process. This is the difference between mesenchymal and other stem cells. Cord Tissue cells have yet to begin to dedifferentiate. This is the process where the “blank” cells develop into whatever type of tissue is needed for healthy function within the body.

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