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One minute you hear coffee prevents cancer and heart disease and then another minute you hear it could increase heart disease and be harmful for your health.

Well, there are a few things to consider.

First, it is important to realize that everyone is similar but different. We have learned that coffee is beneficial for some, but can increase the risks of heart disease in others. Some people can metabolize coffee rapidly, while in others it occurs slowly.

Usually, the people that metabolize coffee slowly will have side effects such as disturbed sleep patterns or get tremors with anxiety, while people who metabolize coffee fast have no such problems.

Coffee is harmful in people who metabolize coffee slowly, but the benefits of coffee in people that metabolize it fast are seen most when it is consumed black. Typically sugar and cream is added to improve the taste, but this also diminishes the benefits, as that bitter taste improves digestive function.

Black coffee also can help support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Again, we emphasize that both of these benefits are mainly seen with black coffee.

It is also very important when purchasing coffee to buy chemical- and pesticide-free brands because coffee has one of the highest chemical and pesticide levels of any consumable. The best choices to reduce these chemicals and pesticides are traditional coffees such as Yemen, Ethiopian, most Sumatra Mandheling, organic certified, and coffees labeled as sustainable. If you prefer decaffeinated coffee it is also extremely important to buy organic since chemicals are frequently used to remove caffeine.

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