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Does your brain feel tired after a long day of mental work or extended learning?

Many working professionals and students experience this mental fatigue, and intermittent breaks can only help so much. There are other ways to support brain function for optimal thinking power.

Below are my top three supplements to combat mental fatigue for reaching optimal thinking power.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom to improve learning ability

This mushroom has shown to improve Nerve Growth Factor, resulting in improved learning ability. There are many supplement options for Lion’s Mane Mushroom. My favorite way to use it is in powder form, which I add to coffee, tea, or a smoothie daily.

Rosemary to focus

Rosemary has compounds that slow the breakdown of Acetylcholine, which works to help us learn and focus. Rosemary also improves blood circulation in the brain, resulting in optimally nourished nerves. Using Rosemary in cooking can help with faster thinking, sustained concentration, and better memory. Other ways to use rosemary include in oral tincture form, or by using essential oil mist diffusers in your workspace.

Magnesium Threonate for increased brain function

This form of magnesium is specific to the brain, in that it is able to cross the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). Magnesium is a mineral important in nerve conduction, and supplementary amounts can help with brain function. A 2016 study looking at Magnesium Threonate and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients, showed improvement in mental performance, faster reaction time, and better concentration. Supplements are the best way to get more of this nutrient.

As always, speak to your doctor at Interactive Health Clinic about your health concerns, as underlying conditions may be contributing to mental fatigue and brain fog.

Be well,

Dr. Paul Miszczyszyn