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It’s the new year and I know a lot of you want to be more proactive in maintaining health as one of your top priorities. I have 3 apps to introduce you to and I hope they will make following your new years resolution much easier.


Clue is a period tracker that tracks your monthly menstrual cycle. Now, it seems that this app is geared towards females, but it was actually designed for couples. Clue provides you with the information you need to understand and monitor your monthly cycle. This information is useful when discussing about family planning, infertility, female hormones and sex. The goal is to encourage couples to be more comfortable and open talking about these subjects. In addition to tracking your cycle, it also keeps tabs on your food cravings, mood, energy and PMS symptoms, if any. At the end of each month, it gives you a monthly report so you can easily monitor trends in your menstrual cycle. You may also link this app with your fitbit which make it extra convenient for you learn where exactly you are in your cycle.


7 minute workout

This fun app has preset workouts that are only 7 minutes long. Its like having a personal trainer in your pocket! This is perfect for someone who wants to start building a habit of exercising but has little time to work out in their daily schedule. It only takes 7 minutes to complete each set, and they even give you 10 seconds to rest in between each exercise. 7 minutes of work out each day is the perfect way to start building a habit of moving. Eventually your body will adjust to this and crave even more exercise.



ePSS stands for electronic preventative services selector. This is an app that is designed to help you learn when you should go to your doctor for appropriate screening exams. All you need to do is enter your age, gender, tobacco and sexual history and it will give you a guideline of recommended screenings for you. This is an easy and effective way to stay on top of your health and be as proactive as you can be in 2017.

Happy 2017!

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