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Sleep is essential to healing the body mentally, physically and emotionally, and is required for you to recharge for the next day. Most people in today’s society simply do not get enough sleep. The ideal numbers of hours of sleep are at least eight hours every night, and the best time to go to bed is no later than 10-10:30 p.m. People that stay up past this time typically miss important components of deep sleep.

Why is Sleep so important?

Proper sleep can increase energy levels dramatically. Along with the benefits of giving your body a break to slow down from the stress of the day, many essential hormones are also produced during sleep. These hormones are beneficial because they promote repair and growth within the body, and antioxidant effects.

Typically people who lack sleep will develop chronic disease much faster, are unable to concentrate, gain weight, age faster, and ultimately shorten their lifespan. Research studies have demonstrated that shift workers have increased risks of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Proper sleep hygiene is essential to experience optimal health. Read our article on what we mean by Sleep Hygiene. 

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