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As fall approaches, we will be entering into flu season whilst still in the COVID-19 pandemic, and supporting our ability to handle infections is more important now than ever! Optimizing or improving health can require work just like any other daily tasks. This can include reading food labels, avoiding fumes and chemicals, exercising when possible, managing stress, staying hydrated, and getting a great night of sleep. All of these are important variables in optimizing your immune functions!

We know this all can be a bit overwhelming, especially during a pandemic, that’s why we’re here to help.

Tips to Improve Immune Functions

Our body produces immune fighting cells best when we have proper nutrition. Micronutrients like B12, folate, zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and selenium are needed for a good immune system. An important therapy we find crucial is flooding the body with nutrients. This can be done by consuming nutritious food and/or by direct vitamin infusions and injections.

Eat Well

Get a boost through eating fresh vegetables and food with variety of color to complete your vitamin/mineral needs. Vitamins and minerals are the highest in whole and unprocessed foods! It is always best to eat fresh vegetables soon after purchasing it.

Need inspiration? Check out our latest Grounding Vegetable Bowl recipe!

Supplement with Quality in Mind

We always recommend trusted brands, to ensure you are getting the nutrients you are paying for. We also advise against drug store brand supplements or purchasing from online resellers like Amazon, due to the risk of lower than advertised doses or contamination.

Get Your Nutrient Levels Checked

At Interactive, we use specialty labs to get a clear guide of which nutrients should be taken, and which are in good quantity in our diets. This nutrient road map makes supplementing and diet change more effective. Viruses are killed by our immune T-cells. Nutrients which boost T-cell action include:

    • Vitamin D, 5,000 IU daily
    • Zinc 25 mg daily
    • Vitamin C, 1000 mg, three times per day

Vitamin Infusion and Injections

On top of the above mentioned tips, we also recommend Intravenous Vitamin Infusions and Injections! It is the most effective way to maximize your immune functions. Our proprietary infusions and injections deliver nutrients directly into your blood stream and to your cells, so they are primed and ready to go!

We offer an array of injections and infusions with important immune boosting including Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, B Vitamins, echinacea, peptides and many more! These nutrients boost your T Cells (essential components of our immune system) and Natural Killer cell activity. Just a simple, quick painless procedure that can easily be added to your seasonal arsenal against seasonal invaders! Come in to Interactive Health Clinic and try out our many options and see how you feel.

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