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5 Key Ingredients to a Robust Immune Response

Building strong white blood cells to fight off invaders is a fabulous prevention strategy to avoid getting severely sick this winter.

There are a few key nutrients and herbs which help strengthen our defenses. Interactive Health Clinic is here to support and prevent illness in our patients this coming flu season. Using our innovative protocols, we hope to keep patients well and prepared to take on viruses.

Our Immune Winter Supplement Kits:

Vitamin A•D•K Supplements by Davinci Labs

This combination of vitamins A•D•K activate the part of our immune system specific to viruses and protect the lung barrier against infections.

NOTE: Vitamin A is not to be used in Pregnancy. Iinstead, use a Vitamin D/K supplement.

Immunitone Plus by Designs For Health

This herbal blend helps calm inflammation in virally infected cells, leading to less severe symptoms.

Elderberry Syrup by Gobble Mountain Elderberry

We recommend Elderberry Syrup as studies suggest elderberry supports our defense barrier – the membrane – in the lungs, and helps start an early assault on invading viruses.

Zinc Citrate by Allergy Research Group

Zinc is necessary element that supports the production of white blood cells, according to this study. Build your army with Zinc Citrate.

Vitamin C Buffered by Allergy Research Group

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin to nourish white blood cells so they can have maximum effect when a virus is present.

Immune Boosting Lifestyle Practices

Our supplement kit is best paired with an optimal lifestyle, which includes:

  • eating well
  • getting restful sleep
  • and caring for your mental/emotional health.

Talk to our front desk to get the Immune Kit bundled with a 15% discount.

With care,

Dr. Paul Miszczyszyn

Important Note: Discuss with your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you are pregnant. This does not intend to treat or cure any illness and does not replace quality care with your provider.