Ozone is a gas formed when electricity contacts oxygen to make 3 oxygen molecules. It is a very unstable molecule and a strong oxidant. Ozone is found naturally occurring in the outer atmosphere and has a distinct smell one may have encountered in the air during a lightning storm. It has been used for years in agricultural and industrial uses. Most people are familiar with its uses around the world for sterilizing drinking water.

Ozone has also been used for years in medicine for immune health. Most people fear ozone and believe it is toxic, however, it is not true. Like any agent, toxicity can occur when the tool is used inappropriately, such as breathing ozone gas is toxic unless it is delivered in a very specific way. 

Most also believe it has a sterilizing effect when it is applied to the body, however, this is also not true, as ozone is a potent immune modulator to immune stimulants which engages your immune system to become more active. 

At lower dosing, it is found to increase your body’s efficiency of:

  • producing antioxidants

  • improving oxygenation

  • improving circulatory function

Lower Dosages have an amazing impact on preconditioning the body for tolerating stressors such as injuries, trauma, or infection.  

Ozone has been found to improve hormone function and even improves how the nervous system works. Many find it beneficial in their routine detoxification routines, and we commonly see people who receive ozone proactively before the incident recover much more quickly from injuries or infections.  

At higher dosing ozone is a potent immune stimulant:

  • increasing oxidative stress on abnormal cells

  • increasing chemical signaling that stimulates white blood cells

  • improving oxygen utilization

These all support improving immune stimulation and defense against viruses, bacteria, and fungus. We utilize higher doses of ozone early in people with colds and flu and other viruses, to reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of symptoms.  

We find ozone has multiple uses from using it topically on the skin, injecting it into tissues, applying it in the ears for ear infections, using it for nasal congestion and pain, or giving it as an intravenous delivery method to have a fully systemic immune stimulation.  

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