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Could your sexual health use a little bit of help? Many of the patients we see need some help to optimize their sexual health, especially during the winter season,  with the weather and holidays making us want to be more intimate with our loved ones.

Dr. Brenden Cochran and Dr. Tacita Robertson talk about sexual health tips in our newest video.

Women’s Sexual Health has a strong impact on immune health

Many issues such as pain during intercourse, dryness, and mind-body connections can all come up as problems in women’s sexual health. It is especially important now since we know that a healthy sex life can improve immune health and reduce our anxiety/stress levels. Most importantly it strengthens our relationships.

Shockwave therapy can help with libido & erectile dysfunction in men

Men usually suffer with libido or erectile dysfunction and rarely pain. We need to address hormones, mental, emotional, blood flow, and structural issues.

We have many tools to help address these problems.

One of these important tools is shockwave or PRP can help improve blood flood to those tissues to improve stamina, strength and endurance. Right now, Interactive Health Clinic is offering a special price on sexual health shockwave packages:

Get 15% off a package of 6 Sexual Health Shockwave Sessions
Get 25% off a package of 12 Sexual Health Shockwave Sessions

For more information on this service, watch our informational video. Book your appointment by calling (425) 361-7945.