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Experiencing depression in the winter isn’t the only type of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

This mood disorder can also be a period of mania or hypomania that occurs seasonal. Typically, mania and hypomania occur seasonally in the spring and summer months for those who have seasonal affective disorder with a bipolar presentation.

SAD presenting in the fall or winter with symptoms of depression is the most common type, typically due to less hours of sunlight each day.

What makes seasonal affective disorder different than depression?

Those experiencing SAD will have a naturally occurring remission, without medication, in the spring or summer. The symptoms of depression will literally disappear once spring or summer start! Even though SAD will remit on its own each year, symptoms of depression often benefit from treatment, and in some cases, treatment may be necessary to keep the person with SAD safe and able to perform tasks of everyday life, such as bathing, eating, and working.

Mild to moderate cases can often be managed with lifestyle changes and light box therapy. If you think you’re suffering from SAD, book an appointment with us, we’d love to help create a plan to support you during this time.

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