Supporting your detoxification is crucial for energy, weight loss, and radiant skin.

Vitamin and Nutrient Shots and IVs can improve detoxification & Skin Condition

Our Skin Glow shot, Detox Shot, Beauty Deluxe IV and Tune up are Interactive Health Clinic’s premier support to providing these results.

They highlight Vitamin C, Carnitine, Zinc, B Vitamins, amino acids, and Glutathione for smooth skin and clean energy. We see quick results that you cannot obtain with oral supplementation because you are ensured 100% absorption of vital nutrients. These nutrients support cleansing your liver, building strong collagen, aid in skin hydration and smoothness, and reduce acne blemishes.

What Nutrients and Vitamins Do Our Treatments Involve?

Vitamin C is a rich antioxidant and improves collagen support in your skin.  Vitamin C helps prevent skin dryness, prevents wrinkles, and promotes smoothness.  Did you know that as you age your skin layers become lower in Vitamin C?

Zinc protects your skin from UV light damage and reduces sebum production which can cause blemishes.  Zinc is a key cofactor in many detoxification pathways.

B-Vitamins which become depleted with stress! B- Vitamins are the workhorse behind detoxification, skin hydration, reducing oils secretions, and reducing roughness and inflammation found in the skin. They are also key in balancing your body’s histamine levels. 

Amino Acids like L-Carnitine supports proper fat metabolism and controls excessive oil production on the skin. L-Carnitine is a common deficiency in vegans and vegetarians.  If you are following a ketogenic diet you absolutely need this amino acid to support the healthy metabolism of your fats.

Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant and detox agent.  This nutrient has been researched extensively and is the strongest agent for detox, healthy aging, and your skin will love this nutrient.  Glutathione protects your skin from chemicals, sun damage, and other stressors that cause your skin to age more quickly. Some people also seek out Glutathione for its effects on skin lightening.

After indulging in the holidays, you owe yourself some rejuvenation and pampering to start 2021 by prioritizing your health. If you are interested in learning more about our Interactive Health strategies for detoxification, weight loss, and vibrant skin give us a call at 425.361.7945 or book an appointment.