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Decrease Risk of Cancer Coming Back

By June 5, 2017July 21st, 2022No Comments

June is the month to celebrate cancer survivors. Its important to celebrate life after cancer and to understand how to be proactive in preventing cancer from returning.

Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

In this month’s video, Dr Easter Ho talks about the 9 modifiable risk factors in lowering your risk of developing cancer and cancer relapse. To make the 9 risk factors easier to remember, she has organized them into three categories that start with the letter s:

The 3 S’s of Cancer Relapse

1. Screen

This applies to sun screen and regular screening. If you know you have a family history of cancer, be proactive! Go to your doctor regularly to screen and learn more about how to prevent that specific cancer from developing. It’s almost summer, so don’t forget to use sunscreen daily to protect your skin.

2. Style

You can think of this as lifestyle and how you live. Or your style of living. Are you active? Do you like to indulge in wine? Do you smoke cigarettes? Hows your diet? This is all part of your style of living. Its best to stay active (150 min of exercise each week with weight training), limit use of alcohol (1x serving for women and 2x servings for men), do not smoke and maintain a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables.

3. Stress

You want to be proactive in managing stress. And this may look different for everyone. It depends on how you relax and what you enjoy doing. This could mean exercise for some people, going to the spa and getting a massage, or reading a book. Its important to carve out ‘me’ time to manage stress and take care of your body.

Dr Easter Ho plans to go into more detail on how the 9 modifiable risk factors tie into the different types of cancer in more videos – you can subscribe to the Interactive Health Clinic YouTube Channel or follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out!

We hope you find the 3 Ss easy to remember. Screen, style and stress. Please call the clinic if you would like to book a consultation or send us a message through our contact form.

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