Thinking about the possibility of cancer can be very overwhelming.

When cancer is found early, it’s often easier to treat

A great way to detect cancer early, or to detect abnormal cells that can become cancer, is to do a screening.

A screening is a medical test to assess the likelihood of having a particular disease. It may increase your chance of identifying the early stages of cancer before it may spread. 

Wondering which test to choose? We recommend Galleri™ and here’s why.

Galleri™ is a multi-cancer early detection (MCED) cancer screening test

This blood test can detect over 50 different types of cancer in the earliest stages. Even before a patient may have, or notice any physical symptoms. 

Did you know, in the U.S., there are over 45 different types of cancers that lack recommended screening tests?

Galleri™ can identify these cancer signal origins with high accuracy. 

The holy GRAIL in cancer care

The Galleri™ test was developed by the healthcare company, GRAIL. They created this test by combining advances in human genomics and machine learning data science.

This blood test is backed by the largest clinical study program in genomic medicine. Which means using an individual’s gene information to include as part of their clinical care. 

Data was also provided by the Clinical Cancer Research. This supports how technology detects cancers based on age, cancer stage, and type.

Over 140 clinical study cites to support this testing as well, including:

To see how this technology and performance measures, please watch Dr. Fung’s presentation, below. He is the VP of Clinical Development at GRAIL.

His presentation discusses the importance of increasing cancer screening. As it is part of a comprehensive and coordinated cancer prevention strategy.

News segments have also discussed the Galleri™ such as NBC Nightly News,  ABC News, and Mayo Clinic on CBS News.

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